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Why An Ergonomic Gaming Chair is Worth The Investment

If you're spending many hours a day gaming and building online communities, getting an ergonomic gaming chair will save you pain in the future. Read on to find out more.

More than 10,000 e-sports athletes compete professionally. This number is expected to grow within the next several years. Like traditional athletes, these professionals require high-quality equipment to perform well.

One of the essential pieces of gaming equipment is a gaming chair. But there are several types of gaming chairs, including platform, desktop, and ergonomic options.

But how does an ergonomic gaming chair differ from these other types? Keep reading to find out!

What Does Ergonomic Mean?

The standard ergonomics definition is working environment efficiency and comfort. When applied to gaming chairs, this concept results in a supportive chair that can keep you comfortable throughout prolonged gaming sessions.

For this reason, the most dedicated gamers choose ergonomic gaming chairs to help improve their performance and longevity. But ergonomic gaming chairs aren't the only available options.

For example, you might be tempted to choose a standard office chair (also called a desk chair) or a regular gaming chair.

Gaming Chair vs Ergonomic Chair

There are several types of gaming chairs, and not all of them are ergonomic. Understanding the differences between these chairs can be challenging, especially if it's been ages since you've purchased a new chair. Let's do a quick breakdown of ergonomic chair vs gaming chair features to keep things simple.

Gaming Chairs

A gaming chair is any chair designed to improve your gaming experience. However, there are quite a few types from which to choose.

Some gaming chairs have extendable pneumatic spindles and caster wheels, allowing them to fit neatly beneath your desk. Others are legless, sitting directly on the floor.

Console gaming chairs lack armrests and legs, functioning more like floor-bound rockers than desk chairs. These chairs rarely offer the necessary spine or neck support.

But PC gaming chairs feature high backs, sturdy armrests, and adjustable-height spindles. These features make them far more comfortable and supportive than platform gaming chairs.

Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

Ergonomic gaming chairs take all the best features of PC gaming chairs and improve upon them. For example, these chairs have padded armrests instead of hard plastic armrests. Also, instead of chair backs that end at your shoulders, they have head-shaped cushions that support your neck and skull.

Overall, ergonomic gaming chairs are made to make gaming more comfortable, especially for players who engage in long sessions.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Much like ergonomic gaming chairs, ergonomic office chairs are designed to increase user comfort during prolonged sitting.

However, most office chairs tend to feature thinner padding and shorter backs without any neck or head support.

This design makes office chairs far less comfortable and supportive than gaming chairs. The idea behind this design is that workers may become less efficient if they are too comfy.

Of course, there are ergonomic office chairs that feature lumbar padding, wide seats, and padded armrests. However, most of these chairs still have short backs that fail to support the neck and head.

Benefits of Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

There are several kinds of desk chairs, but the best ones for gaming tend to be ergonomic gaming chairs. To understand why let's take a moment to review the benefits of these chairs.

For example, using an ergonomic gaming chair can:

· Improve spinal support

· Correct poor posture

· Increase comfort

· Add aesthetic appeal

How can an ergonomic gaming chair do all these things? Let's delve a little deeper into these advantages to find out.

Improve Spinal Support

The typical desk chair doesn't have a tall enough back to keep your shoulders, neck, and head supported. Over time, this lack of support can lead to painful muscles, tensed tendons, and recurrent headaches.

The best gaming chairs solve this problem by featuring tall backs with unique head and neck support pads. This design allows gamers to lean back during gameplay, reducing the pressure on their joints and spine. Over time, this extra support can change your posture in positive ways.

Correct Poor Posture

Because ergonomic gaming chairs offer an exceptional level of spinal support, they can also help correct poor posture. If you've spent years hunched over your keyboard, your posture might be less than ideal. But purchasing an ergonomic gaming chair can help you retrain those back muscles.

Increase Comfort

If your gaming chair is uncomfortable, you'll likely struggle to concentrate on your gaming performance. You find yourself constantly getting up, squirming in your seat, or arching your back to find relief. This can be distracting for you and your audience.

But ergonomic gaming chairs have wide seats, padded armrests, and high backs to increase user comfort. When you're using one of these chairs, you can stay seated for several hours without experiencing pins and needles in your legs, feet, or arms.

Add Aesthetic Appeal

Gaming live streamers need to create an exciting and unique online presence to engage users to watch and subscribe to their content.

That's why high-quality game room setups tend to feature LED lights, well-positioned art, and novel background items. However, no game room is complete without a high-quality gaming chair.

Gaming chairs have an instantly recognizable shape and often come in bright, eye-catching colours. Audiences that see streamers with gaming chairs tend to be more visually engaged in the content. As a result, gamers can enjoy an increased audience rate by choosing a chair that adds aesthetic appeal to their setup.

Choosing the Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

There are dozens of gaming chair brands, and choosing the best option can be tricky. Fortunately, you can shorten your browsing process and discover the best models by considering a handful of crucial factors.

To select the best ergonomic gaming chair for your game room setup, you'll want to consider:

· Support

· Movement

· Material

· Design

· Affordability

Let's review these aspects in greater detail to explain what you'll want to look for when considering each category. That way, you can find a stylish and supportive gaming chair that meets your needs and fits your budget.


Support is an essential aspect of any gaming chair. If your chosen chair doesn't keep your spine, neck, and head supported, you'll likely experience muscle strain after prolonged gaming sessions.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to gauge support when shopping online. But taking the time to consider chair height can help. Typically, taller chairs offer a greater level of support than those with shorter backs.

Armrests are also a form of support. After all, keeping your arms slightly elevated is vital for PC gaming, as you'll need your forearms to remain stable while operating a high-sensitivity mouse and expansive keyboard.


The best ergonomic gaming chair offers plenty of room for movement. In addition to rolling across the floor, these chairs should recline, twist, raise, and lower. This range of motion keeps your gaming movements fluid, especially during high-intensity sessions.


When you spend several hours gaming, your clothing and exposed skin can begin to stick to your chair. This is especially true of chairs covered in faux leather fabric.

For this reason, it's often best to choose a gaming chair with a breathable fabric covering. The Karnox LEGEND chair is a fantastic example.

The professional-looking grey and black fabric keeps air flowing between you and your chair's padding, reducing sweating and preventing your skin from sticking. Overall, this fabric is far more ergonomic than PU leather.


Unless you're gaming privately, you'll likely want to choose a visually appealing chair. After all, having a gaming chair in view during your streaming sessions can impress your audience and generate a base level of trust.

Gamers that play in standard desk chairs (or dining chairs) may appear inexperienced or unskillful. But showing your viewers that you've spent time and energy choosing a high-quality gaming chair may increase viewership and help you earn subscribers.


The average gaming chair costs anywhere between £200 and £600 (about €240 to €720). While cheaper gaming chairs are available, they tend to be uncomfortable, unsupportive, and made of low-quality materials. As such, investing in a top-notch chair is the better long-term option.

Fortunately, many of the best gaming chair brands offer discounts to keep costs low. For example, Karnox gaming chairs are often more affordable than competitor options. So, you could save a bundle by choosing a high-quality ergonomic Karnox chair!

Karnox Has Your Back

Taking your gaming skills to the next level means investing in the best ergonomic gaming chair. These chairs offer an exceptional level of support and can correct poor posture. They can also help you enjoy longer and more comfortable gaming sessions.

Choosing a Karnox chair is always a wise decision. The Karnox LEGEND is made of soft-yet-durable fabric that's breathable and supportive, making it one of the best options for gamers.

Are you interested in learning more about Karnox gaming chairs? If so, check out our blog today!

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