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The Benefits of a Gaming Chair

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

If you're a serious gamer you could put in hours in front of your favourite titles. We look at some of the key benefits of a gaming chair.

Did you know, the gaming industry contributes a whopping £3 billion to the UK economy?

If you're a serious gamer then it's likely you're putting in a lot of hours in front of your favourite titles.

As a result, it's important that you are as comfortable as possible. Have you considered purchasing a gaming chair?

In this article, we'll look at some of the key benefits of using a gaming chair for play time.

1. Support Your Back

Many of us are guilty of having poor posture. If you're sitting for many hours per day, then there is nothing worse for your health than being hunched over.

Having poor posture can result in back pain, knee pain and headaches. A gaming chair will reduce muscle fatigue by supporting your body in all the right places. Notice the high back on gaming chairs? This is for neck and head support, essential for maintaining correct posture when gaming for long hours. For example, the Karnox Hero has a narrow back and side braces for extra support and is supplied with both lumbar and neck support cushions.

By choosing this chair, you will ensure your spine is kept in the proper alignment. You'll be thanking yourself for this spine support in a decade's time.

2. Keep Your Feet on The Floor

A gaming chair will ensure you sit with your feet touching the floor. This improves blood flow. It also reduces the pressure on your lower back.

Your knees should also be slightly below your hips to ensure good posture. By doing this, your pelvis is balanced and you'll be able to sit for longer periods. Don't forget to get up and stretch regularly.

By sitting comfortably, you will also notice that your mood improves. With the absence of tension headaches, you'll be feeling a lot happier.

3. Your Gaming Chair is More Comfortable

Not only does extra padding support your back and improve your posture, but it also ensures you’re comfortable.

By choosing a gaming chair, you can add perks such as the ability to recline by 180 degrees while you play.

Anyone who has to sit in an office chair all day will know the aching feeling that comes from holding your body against a metal frame. This is not the case with a gaming chair.

4. Keep Your Focus While Gaming

Amazingly, it's believed that the human attention span is now less than our pet goldfish.

It may not be surprising that slouching drains you of all physical and mental energy. This is caused by your overworked muscles.

Thanks to the support offered by a gaming chair, your muscles don't have to work overtime to support your back and your brain.

5. Gaming Chairs Are Easy to Clean

Karnox Legend Chair Made From Easy-Clean PU Leather

Have you ever tried cleaning a regular office chair? These chairs are made from irritating materials that mean they stain quickly.

A high-quality gaming chair is quick to wipe down and will look smarter for longer.

Buy Your Own Gaming Chair with Attitude

Now you know a few of the benefits of owning a gaming chair, it's likely you'll want your own. Make sure you do some research to find which chair is the perfect choice for you.

Check out our range of gaming chairs. Are you a hero, a spartan, a commander, or a legend?

To see more content like gaming chair reviews, check out the rest of our offers, like this Karnox Spartan!

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