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Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs: Which Style Is More Ergonomic for Improved Performance

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Frazier vs Ali. Real Madrid vs Barcelona. Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant.

There's one unending rivalry that can stand toe to toe with them all. In the red corner, you have the Gaming Chair, sleek and ready to rumble. In the other, you have the Office Chair, functional, sensible and unremarkable.

It's the familiar decision between buying a Gaming chair vs Office chair.

You can use any chair to sit at a desk, much as you can use any chair to game. But when you want the best chair for the job, you need to know which is more ergonomic to improve your performance.

Don't fret, as here at Karnox we have the answers you're looking for. Fight!

Gaming Chair vs Office Chair: Round One, Padding

There's no denying that your average gaming chair has more to look at in its design than an office equivalent. But that isn't just cosmetic!

Gaming chairs often have considerably more padding than office chairs, which usually have padding only in the seated area. Gaming chairs which conform padding to your body, including it on areas such as the backrest, provided greater comfort.

Karnox Legend Gaming Chair Has Luxury Car Foam Padding

Often, the best gaming chair designs support the back and neck, allowing for the right kind of spinal alignment. Remember all those times your body and lower back has ached in rising from an office chair? That shouldn't happen with the right gaming equivalent.

Some gaming chairs even have removable padding options, like removable cushions. You'll rarely find them on an ordinary office chair.

Round One: The Gaming Chair.

Round Two, Adjustability

Karnox Gaming Chairs Are Infinitely Adjustable To Fit Your Setup

Everyone has a different height and body weight, meaning a good chair has to be adjustable. This can be in height as well as when it comes to reclining. Though some office chairs recline, rarely do they have as many options as a gaming chair.

In fact, office chairs can cause pain for people sitting for extended periods.

The same goes for height adjustment. Simply put, gaming chairs have more options in adjustability, including when it comes to armrests. This means they can be better tailored to individual seating styles, and therefore more ergonomic overall.

Round Two: The Gaming Chair

Round Three, Locked In

The office chair is on the ropes!

There's nothing worse than finding your perfect height or recline angle, only for it to not stay that way properly. A good ergonomic chair needs to have locking capabilities.

A quality gaming chair will have locking abilities to keep your chair in the right ergonomic position for you. Some office chairs have this ability also, though as mentioned above they often have fewer adjustability options.

As such, once again the gaming chair proves to be a superior option.

Round Three: The Gaming Chair

Where Can I Find Out More?

In the epic clash of Gaming Chair vs Office Chair, the gaming chair is usually the better choice when it comes to ergonomic design and improved performance for gamers. If you're interested in finding out more, take a look at our previous blog post about all the benefits of gaming chairs.

And if you're looking for a quality ergonomic gaming chair, that can be perfectly tailored to your setup, then the best thing to do is to snap up one from our shop.

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