7 Qualities Big and Tall Men Need in a Gaming Chair

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

If your size is above average, why settle for a chair that's just average? Karnox knows what qualities big and tall gamers need in a good gaming chair.

For an immersive and professional-level gaming experience, a fully-equipped gaming chair is a basic necessity. A gaming chair not only allows you to truly immerse yourself in the game, but it also gives you full control over every aspect of your game in a way that a basic controller setup simply never can.

However, one issue that we hear about time and time again is from big and tall gamers that simply can't find a chair that is matched to their physical build. A big and tall gaming chair might be hard to come by, but it is easier once you know what to look for.

At Karnox, we know a thing or two about building gaming chairs for people of all shapes and sizes. If you're big and tall, here are the essential things to look out for when hunting for a gaming chair. 

1. Weight Capacity

When looking for the best big and tall gaming chair, the first thing you should be checking is the weight capacity. Some chairs simply are not designed to handle the added weight of bigger and taller people.

Many of the highest quality chairs can support weights of over 25 stone/160Kg without any reduction in usability. This is what you should be aiming for. 

2. Seat Dimensions 

For people with some junk in the trunk, wide seat dimensions and surface area are crucial. If the seat of the gaming chair is too narrow, you will not have a comfortable gaming experience.

Always check the seat dimensions to see if they are broad enough to accommodate your bum. 

3. Backrest Height