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7 Differences Between a Cheap Gaming Chair and a Karnox Gaming Chair

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

After a few hours of gaming, take a moment to check-in on yourself. Are you feeling pain anywhere on your body?

Pain in your lower back and neck may indicate you've been sitting in a cheap gaming chair for a while. Cheap chairs without proper support and materials perpetuate poor posture. No one wants to game all day in pain.

The right gaming chair makes a world of difference. 

Differences Between a Cheap Gaming Chair and a Karnox Gaming Chair

Comfort is key when it comes to gaming. If you've disregarded your chair, it's time to focus your next investment on quality. Not convinced by the benefits yet? We've compiled a list of 7 reasons why getting a Karnox gaming chair is a better investment than a cheap gaming chair. 

1. Better Comfort

One of the main characteristics of a cheap gaming chair is cheap and sparse material. A chair lined with cheap, thin foam is uncomfortable to sit in for long periods.

When a gaming chair has high-density, quality foam is both comfortable and durable. Better foam contours to your body and is breathable against body heat. This is essential for optimal comfort.

2. Fully Adjustable

Many cheap gaming chairs are limited in how many adjustments you can make. This negatively impacts comfort.

Depending on your height and weight, the level of adjustments may be minor, but even small changes make a significant impact. The ability to change the height and width of your chair and armrests is vital to achieving ultimate comfort.

3. Ergonomic Support

An ergonomic chair makes a huge impact on how your body feels at the end of a gaming session. Proper ergonomic support includes lumbar support and head support. This prevents the back and neck pain that is all too common in cheap chairs without ergonomic support.

4. High-Quality Base and Frame

The base and frame of a chair are easily overlooked but are just as important as the upholstery.

Cheap chairs typically use low-quality materials that are thin and weak. A high-quality chair, such as the Karnox Commander, is built with a solid steel frame and lightweight aluminium alloy. High-quality materials are less likely to break and will last you a long time.

5. Better Aesthetics

Let's face it—aesthetics are important when it comes to gaming setups. When your system is decked out with RGB lighting and a dual-monitor display, your chair has to stack up, too.

It all comes down to the small details. Features like carbon-fibre imprint patterns and bright colour schemes heighten the aesthetic of any gaming setup.

6. Superior Upholstery

Upholstery is important because it's the portion you interact with the most. A cheap gaming chair with synthetic materials and bad stitching is feel irritating to the skin. Plus, it won't last very long. Superior gaming chairs use durable materials more resistant to deterioration and damage.

7. Greater Investment

Settling for a cheap chair is easier on the wallet immediately. However, you're more likely to have to replace the chair sooner than a high-quality gaming chair. The immediate cost-savings is lost in the long run.

Cheap materials deteriorate faster. While a better gaming chair is more expensive up front, you can take comfort in knowing it will last.

Level up Your Comfort

It doesn't matter if you have an expensive monitor when your back starts to hurt a few hours into gameplay. Sitting in a cheap gaming chair might initially be easy on the wallet, but the hidden costs will catch up to you.

In the long run, the positive impacts of a great gaming chair will pay off. Celebrate your next level-up or tough achievement win with less back pain and more hurrahs.

Ready to game in style and comfort? Check out our selection of gaming chairs now.

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