Top 5 Video Gaming Chairs That Will Improve Your Gaming Experience

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Crack! That’s the sound of your back after a two-hour-long gaming session with your friends. It sounds like you need to upgrade your chair.

The right gaming chair can help support your back so you don’t have to deal with limping around after a long day of playing. Not to mention that any speciality chair is going to look better in your setup than a £100 one you randomly found online.

Ready to find the best video game chair for your spine and budget? Check out this guide for a complete list of chairs that you should consider for your setup.

Karnox Hero

The design of the Karnox Hero chair is heavily influenced by race car seats. It has a narrow back that will help support your back throughout your gaming session. The material is made out of high-quality leather.

Not only is the leather soft to the touch but it's also resilient against most stains and spills. If you do happen to spill a drink you'll be able to wipe it clean, no problem.

The steel frame of the chair is about as strong as the material is spill-proof. The inner padding is made with a durable foam that doesn't skimp on the comfort. As you can see, it doesn't matter how much you game, this chair isn't going to fall apart on you anytime soon.

When you start to feel a little pressure on your back, you'll be able to lean back as much as you need. The chair has a recline of up to 155 degrees. More than the optimal amount for those who suffer from chronic back pain.