Karnox Legend NAMEd 'Best Gaming Chair of 2020'

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Karnox has the best gaming chairs of 2020, but don't just take our word for it! Find out why ThePapiGfunk and EBPMAN both rave about the chair on their channels

If you stream video games, it's in your interest to research the best gaming chair on the market. Don't settle for lameness. What would your subscribers say?

Whether you're shopping for comfort, quality, appearance, affordability, or a special combination of the four, Karnox has you covered. There are options out there, but why not get the best gaming chair 2020 has to offer?

Our Legend gaming chair has reviews from ThePapiGfunk and EBPMAN. We're about to break down why Karnox won them over.

ThePapiGfunk: "Karnox For Best Gaming Chair 2020"

Check out his Karnox Legend review here.

1. Design

He loved our Legend gaming chair, first and foremost, for its sleek design, and carbon-fibre PU leather. The colour accents and stitching make for an attractive chair.

After a five-hour gaming session, he was still comfortable. Long hours in your PC gaming chair shouldn't make your back hurt. The padded headrest is super soft for playing the long game.

2. Adjustability: Hand Rests and Height

Both hand rests are adjustable and shift into any position that helps you get kills and stay smooth in-game. ThePapiGfunk enjoyed using the Legend's 90-155 angle recliner while jamming out to music. There's nothing better than a music-induced holiday in your own flat to celebrate a win. Decked out with nylon caster wheels, the Legend ensures you'll never have trouble moving around your space again.

3. Performance

ThePapiGfunk plays COD Battle Royale frequently, so he's on the market for a chair that locks him in. While he's busy nabbing headshots, he shouldn't worry about adjusting his seated position. According to his experience, "as soon as you sit down, it just hugs you like you don't wanna get up anymore".

4. Price

Get the Karnox Legend computer gaming chair today for £299. It has tons of perks f