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Is an Expensive Gaming Chair Worth It? (The Answer Is Yes)

Are you tired of asking yourself: is an expensive gaming chair worth it? If so, the answer is probably yes. Take a look at everything you need to know today.

Did you know that 42 percent of e-sports athletes experience neck and back pain? If you game for long periods of time, you know how physically demanding it can be, especially if you're focusing on high-pressure, competitive games.

This is why investing in a high-quality gaming chair versus a cheap gaming chair from Amazon is so important. You can greatly increase your comfort and decrease the potential pain. However, there are plenty more reasons why you need a good quality gaming chair.

With this in mind, read on to learn why investing in a gaming chair today is worth it!

Promotes Good Posture

One of the top benefits of gaming chairs is that when you're sitting for extended periods of time, they help improve your posture. If you find that your back, hips, or neck are aching after a long gaming session, this could be because you're sitting with a hunched posture.

Although it may feel different at first, sitting more upright can help support your spine. You'll also be able to reduce fatigue due to muscle strain. Here are a few more painful results of poor posture over time:

  • Migraines

  • Joint pain

  • Poor circulation

  • Prone to anxiety and depression

As you can see, correcting your posture with a more ergonomic chair will save you a great deal of pain in the future.

Breathable Material

One of the worst feelings while gaming is when you start feeling hot, sticky and stuck to your chair. Breathable upholstery material is needed if you want to game in comfort for long amounts of time.

Even if a chair is allowing you to sit comfortably upright, poor quality material could cause you to sink down, leading to hip and back pain.

For this reason, make sure that the gaming chair you're considering is made from soft-touch PU leather or a breathable fabric and includes dense foam padding. This material is able to stand up to the test and time and give you support without decompressing too much. .

Ample Adjustments

It's important to keep in mind that your chair will still need to be fine-tuned in order to support your body the best. High-quality gaming chairs come with a variety of adjustments that can truly customize your support, such as:

  • Backrest inclining

  • Winged shoulder support

  • Adjustable armrests

  • Neck pillows

  • And more

When you receive your gaming chair, take some time to make your adjustments so that your feet are comfortably flat on the floor. Your arms also need to be in an L-shape and not too far extended from your torso. You'll also want to make sure to keep your screen at eye level so that you're not straining your neck up or down throughout your gaming session.

Stylish Options

Gaming chairs come in a variety of styles, colours, and textures so that they can suit any kind of room. For instance, if you want one that can blend in with a professional office, consider choosing the Karnox Spartan style of chair that comes with all-black options.

There are also a variety of colours that you can choose from if you want a bold looking chair, such as red, blue, and yellow. The Karnox Fabric Edition provides an alternative look that's more subtle and can blend in with modern-looking offices. The fabric material is also stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Added Perks

Keep in mind that for the price you're paying for high-quality gaming chairs, they often come with perks. For instance, many of them come with soft quilted cushions that are able to strap on to your chair for added comfort and support.

They may also come with free keyboard pads so that you have a consistent look throughout your gaming area. Lastly, you'll want to check if the company is able to offer fast, two-day shipping for free.

Warranties and customer service are also important when you're investing in a chair. The more expensive chairs come with longer warranties to ensure that they will last and responsive customer service in case something is not quite right.

You'll also want to look into the returns policy for the brand you're considering. It's important that they give you enough time to try out the chair, as more often than not, you can't find a gaming chair to try in stores.

Returns and refunds within 21 days is an ample amount of time.


Keep in mind that while you're paying more for a gaming chair than you normally would for a regular office chair, they won't break the bank. With prices in the low hundreds to two hundreds, you can expect a quality investment for a reasonable price.

You'll also want to take your height and weight into consideration. If you're on the heavier side, a cheap gaming chair under a hundred pounds won't be able to give you the proper support over time.

Invest in a High-Quality Gaming Chair Today

The best gaming chair is one that helps you play games for long periods of time comfortably. You'll find that investing in a gaming chair means that you'll experience less pain, better posture, and a better gaming experience.

Make sure that you give your chair at least two weeks to get adjusted to it. If your body has got used to a bad posture it may take a while to readjust.

Ready to invest in high-quality gaming chairs at an affordable price? Shop our chairs today and enjoy free shipping in the UK!

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