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How Much Does a Gaming Chair Cost on Average?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

There are several types of gaming chairs you have to choose from, but how much does a gaming chair cost? Our guide here has you covered.

Both teens and adults can spend up to 8 hours a day playing video games. With so much time spent gaming, it is no wonder people seek out the best gaming chairs on the market.

But, as you search through different options and styles, you might wonder how much to spend on a gaming chair and what features those prices get you.

In all honesty, the pricing of chairs depends on a range of factors like quality, style, and support. There are several types of gaming chairs you have to choose from, but how much does a gaming chair cost? Our guide here has you covered.

How Much Does a Gaming Chair Cost?

Before we get into gaming chair costs, you should understand what makes these prices so high or so low. Several different factors play into gaming chair prices like:

  • Cushioned seating

  • Material used (genuine leather, PU leather, etc.)

  • Adjustable headrest

  • Adjustable armrests

  • Adjustable height

  • Reclining features

  • Comfortable armrests

  • Lumbar and neck support

  • Speakers

  • Footrests

The most basic designs will be the most affordable, but they won't offer much comfort if you want to game for an extended period. If endurance is what you need, then the prices will skyrocket. But you do get what you pay for in this instance.

Budget Gaming Chairs

These chairs tend to be popular because of their low price range and designs. The first being the office chair, which will cost you around £54. These are the standard executive-style chairs that you would see in an office.

They come cheap and typically offer an ergonomic design since office workers use them all day at their desks. But with such a low price, you will not get the sleek gaming design that many gamers search for in their chairs. The most basic design also does not feature lumbar support or many adjustments other than height.

The cushions inside the seating more than likely consist of low-quality material, like foam, which means the comfortability of the chair won't hold up for very long. However, if you are on a budget and are a casual gamer, the office chair is perfect.

Next up, we have the floor rocker and pedestal chairs. Floor rockers are those L-shaped chairs that sit on the floor and are highly portable. But, to be portable they have to be small.

These are the next step up from bean bag chairs, as they are easily transported from house to house and offered as extra seating for friends. For a cheap floor rocker, you can expect to pay a mere £30-40.

Now, if you are a console gamer who likes to get up close and personal with your TV, the pedestal chair may be in your price range. These are higher-end floor rockers set up on a pedestal with maximum swivel action.

The pedestal elevates a bit off of the floor, so you aren't so low to the ground. The defining feature of these chairs for any gamers is that they often come with built-in speakers.

You can connect them to your television and hear your game sound effects right next to your ears. This game-enhancing quality puts the pedestal chair around £140.

Low Spec / Budget Gaming Chairs

These are the mid-range priced gamer chairs favoured by younger gamers. In this category, you have the PC gamer chairs and racer chairs. These are the ones that you often see in pictures with everyone's gaming set-ups.

That is because these chairs offer the most desired qualities for long endurance gaming sessions. These chairs often have genuine or PVC leather that is soft to the touch.

Plus, they often have extra padding in the seat, along the back, and come with pillows for lumbar and neck support. PC gamers love these styles because playing at a desk for hours often leads to cervicogenic migraines due to poor posture. Companies design these chairs to promote a better posture by allowing you to adjust the height of your chair along with the armrests and reclining angles.

These types of gaming chairs also come in countless styles. The racer chairs take on the sleek appearance of the race-car seat, while gaming chairs boast a variety of colours ranging from black to pink and white.

Due to the popularity of these chairs, you can expect to pay anywhere from £180-£200. The prices are not prohibitive, and both PC and console gamers get their uses out of them.

High-End / Premium Gaming Chairs

Now, if you want to go all out, there are top-tier quality chairs out there, but they will cost you. These chairs combine all of the features of the office and PC chairs with a recliner. If you average 8 hours or more gaming, then spending a little extra may be a wise choice.

In this range, you will see our top product at Karnox, the Legend gaming chair which rates as the best gaming chair of 2020. The Legend comes with a sleek design that is so comfortable you may never want to stand up again.

The Legend offers the most bang for your buck with quality, comfort, and design for a competitive price of £299. Compared to other high-end chairs which range about £250-£700, the Legend is a steal.

More on Gaming Chair Prices

Depending on what style of chair you want, the price will fluctuate. You can get a simple bean bag or an office chair without breaking the bank. But, if you want a chair that comes with lumbar support, adjustable features, or radio speakers, then you might have to pay a little bit more.

If you wanted to know the answer to the question, "how much does a gaming chair cost?" we hope this guide helped you better understand the differences in chair prices.

A Karnox, we have your gaming comfort needs covered. We offer some of the best gaming chairs out there. So, if you are in the market for a new chair, feel free to shop our chairs and products. We promise to provide you with the gaming chair of your dreams.

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