7 Top Qualities Professional Gamers Look For in a Gaming Chair

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Karnox Pro Gaming Chair. Image Credit @gizmoegram

If you want to play like the pros, you need to feel like the pros. Here are the top qualities professional gamers look for in their gaming chairs.

Did you know that one of the most famous professional video game players is a Korean man who goes by the name Faker? Since starting his career at 17, he's earned well over a million pounds.

If you want to start working toward a dream career of playing videogames, you're going to need the best gear. Are you wondering what type of gaming chair is worth your hard-earned cash?

Keep reading to learn about 7 top qualities gaming gurus look for in a professional gamer chair.

1. Easy and Reliable Recline

The best gamer chair will allow you to recline as far back as you want. You should be able to lock the chair at the exact position that's perfect for optimum comfort. The ideal range for a gaming chair is between 90 degrees and 155 degrees.

2. Adjustable Armrests