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7 Features Every Gaming Room Needs to Have

Whether you already have one or are just setting one up, if you want to level up your gaming experience, you need a gaming room with these features.

A dedicated room for gaming is becoming more and more of a popular choice for many households. It provides a great place for fun and relaxation. However, this objective can be ruined if the room isn’t set up right.

There are a few things to keep in mind when designing the perfect gaming room. We’re looking at seven different features and exploring the impact they have. Keeping these gaming room ideas in mind can help make the design process easier and make the final experience even better.

1. A Proper Gaming Rig

The central element in any gaming room is the gaming rig itself. If there isn’t anything to play games on, then it isn’t really a gaming room. This is true whether you’re playing games to unwind at the end of a long day or playing games to make money. In the vast majority of cases, the gaming rig will fall into one of two categories. It will be a PC or a console, such as a Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, or Switch.

In the case of a PC, it is important to make sure the hardware is up to date. A PC with older specs won’t be able to run the latest games quick enough and will be unable to push other games to their graphical limits.

PCs also have a greater capacity for customisation. Your PC’s case provides an avenue for expression and can add some style to the room. You may want to consider picking a case that complements the rest of the room or even consider adding lights to the case.

In the case of a console or consoles, it is important to make sure you have the latest model. In most cases, PS5s and Xbox Series X systems offer better performance when compared to their predecessors.

There are also rumours that more and more upcoming games will become unavailable for previous generations. Right now, most games are released for both the current and last generations. However, this will likely change over the next few years.

2. A Comfy Chair

The second most important element in any game room is the chair you are sitting in. Think about it, a game room is designed for relaxing and having fun. Is that possible if you are forced to be uncomfortable the entire time?

This is particularly important when sitting at a desk. Sitting in an uncomfortable or improperly designed chair can cause back pain and other issues. If this is a chair you plan on sitting in a lot, it shouldn’t be a chair that is going to cause you pain.

A chair can also impact your posture. This has plenty of impact on your health while also having an impact on your performance when gaming.

Some things to look out for are high-quality materials and a comfortable seat. These features can improve your enjoyment while using the chair.

Lumbar support is also critical. This is a feature that will go a long way in improving the health of your spine. Any chair you plan on using for long periods of time should have lumbar support.

For gaming, a chair that reclines in a wide degree of adjustable angles can also be helpful. For some games, you may want to sit at attention in order to focus better. However, for others, you may want to lean back and relax a bit.

If your gaming room has a theme, you should also look into chairs that will match that theme. For example, if your PC has blue accent lights, you may want to pick a blue chair. Chairs like the Hero line of chairs come in a variety of colours for this reason.

3. Sound and Sound Systems

Proper sound can play a large role in making the gaming experience even more immersive. Using sound provided by a TV or basic speakers is alright. However, upgrading from these can make a big difference.

In gaming, surround sound is a big part of this difference. Most games are designed with surround sound in mind.

These types of games use sound to better simulate a real environment. This makes it so that voices coming from your left in the game actually come from the left speaker on a surround sound system. It adds to the immersion and can even help you play better.

High-quality headphones help provide this and more. The quality of sound coming from a good pair of headphones is already an advantage. However, the surround sound features and noise cancellation make them even better.

A surround sound speaker system is another great option. This turns your entire gaming room into a theatre for your gaming experience. If you also watch movies in your gaming room, this can even enhance that experience.

The downside to a full speaker system is that it can be expensive and difficult to assemble. Meanwhile, headphones typically only require the user to plug them in and they will be ready to go.

4. Accessories

Outside of sound, there are plenty of other features that can enhance the gaming experience. Various gaming room accessories can be vital in changing a regular game into something far better.

The most basic gaming accessory is the controller. If you are playing with a controller, consider a charging dock so that your controller is always fully charged when you pick it up to play. Also, if you play with friends, make sure you have enough controllers for everyone.

If you are playing with a mouse and keyboard, there are even more options for customization. Pick a mouse and keyboard that suits you. There are options out there with programmable buttons that can enhance your game and options that focus on ergonomics and comfort.

In addition, your mouse and keyboard can be a visual delight. Many options have RGB lighting that can sync with the game you are playing. This adds more immersion to the entire experience.

There are also other input peripherals that can help specific setups. If you enjoy plenty of racing games, a steering wheel may be perfect for you. These peripherals will depend on the type of games being played.

Additional accessories will come into play if you play online with friends. For voice chat to be possible, it will require a microphone of some kind. This could be a microphone attached to your headset, or it could be independent.

If you are planning on streaming games, you will also need a few things. Just like with playing online, you’ll need a microphone. However, you’ll also probably want to pick up a high-quality camera as well, especially since the built-in cameras on most computers aren’t that great.

5. Space

Space is key in any location. A gaming room setup will need enough space in a few different places, depending on exactly how it is used.

If you do most of your gaming from a desk, the desk itself needs to have enough space. Obviously, it will need space for your mouse and keyboard. It should also have enough space for any other accessories that you find yourself using.

In addition, you may want to leave some open space on your desk for other situations that may arise. If you plan to have food or drinks there, you need enough space for them. Plus, there is always the possibility you will get more accessories, so leaving room for future growth can help.

If you do your gaming from a couch, there are other considerations at play. Make sure there is enough room between you and your television to prevent hurting your eyes. If you plan to have food or drinks nearby, you should also make sure you have a table or other surface on which to set them.

Space is also critical when VR gaming. Any type of VR gaming will require quite a bit of space to move around. This often involves a large, open area where you can stand in the centre.

If you have a VR gaming setup, you should also make sure there is nothing you could break around you. While VR gaming, you won’t be able to see your surroundings. So, keeping breakables away will help you avoid destroying any of your own property.

6. Lighting

Lighting can be a tricky thing to get right in a gaming room. Too much light can cause glare and break the immersion. However, too little light can make it hard to move around and even hurt your eyes. Ensure that your overhead lights aren’t going to be too bright for your setup. If they are, smaller table lamps may be a good compromise. You may also want to consider dimmable lights, which allow you to adjust the light level according to your specific preferences.

One way to address the issue is through bias lighting. This refers to illuminating the wall behind the monitor or television you are using. This can provide some ambient light in the room.

However, bias lighting has other benefits. It can reduce strain on your eyes and improve the performance of your screen. Bias lighting may also improve the life of your screen, as it allows you to keep the screen at a lower brightness level.

Another thing to consider is how much light is coming from outside. In gaming rooms with large windows, sunlight or light from outdoor lights can create glare and throw off the room’s vibe. Blackout curtains, which block outside light, can help solve this problem.

In a bedroom gaming room, blackout curtains have the added benefit of creating a better environment for sleeping. This can help improve many other aspects of life.

7. Decor

Much of this list so far has been focused on practicality. However, the look and feel of the room can have just as much of an impact. Decor plays a large role here.

A gaming room is a perfect place to show off your interests. If you like movies, movie posters can show this off. If you like comic books, action figures can line your shelves and the comics themselves can be framed. The possibilities to express yourself are endless.

Similarly, many people also use their gaming room as a place to store any collectables they have. This can range from collectable statues to complex Lego builds. There are even specialty shelves designed to hold a wide range of collectables. Decor can go hand in hand with another topic on this list: light. Many different light fixtures also have a stylistic element to them. Neon or low-light LED fixtures can produce some light without going too far overboard.

If you have a computer with RGB lighting, you can even build a lighting theme around it. This can make your gaming room look unified and impressive.

Finally, plants are often overlooked when it comes to gaming room decor but can be extremely helpful. Studies have shown that houseplants can reduce indoor air pollution and have positive effects on mental health. These are important benefits in any room you spend a lot of time in.

Building the Perfect Gaming Room

If you are building a gaming room, you want it to be perfect. Keeping these seven features in mind can help guide you through this process and may even remind you of things you wouldn’t consider otherwise.

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