Welcome to the Elite.

This is the Karnox Spartan Chair, Pro Spec. A gaming chair with the luxurious qualities of prestigious car. It's big, broad and beastly. 

Diamond cross-hatch mixed with 'V' style stitching. Karnox stitched side logo, Karnox debossed logo and emblem. Features our signature Karnox Fierce Eye-holes. The Spartan also includes an all new head restraint cushion for that added comfort.

This seat includes the Pro Spec. Roller-blade style glide wheels, an aluminium cast base, improved tilting capabilities and our top of the line 4D armrest.

Choice of colours: Black. Only Black. 


The Karnox Spartan is padded with perfectly weighted, dense foam; durable, supportive and adaptive to any user's bodyframe. The Spartan is the only chair to feature a built in headrest pillow. 

This chair is ergonomically designed with taller, larger users in mind, the high back will allow any user to melt into the chair. 

This chair is big, broad and beastly. It will take on any sized user. Supports upto 400lbs / 180kg and even if you're 6'6", the Spartan is ready for you.


High quality, soft touch PU leather throughout, even the side panels and rear of the seat are carbon fibre style PU leather. This features our sleek 'v' style stitching.

Strength is built in, with a strong bent steel tube frame and solid cast base construction. 

53kg/m*3 of dense high quality padded foam is packed into the structure of this chair. 

The foam and structural frame on all Karnox seats have been endurance tested by repetitive endurance machines. Taking all materials through heavy use lifetime cycles. This is why we particularly offer a Lifetime Warranty on the foam inner.  


360 degree swivel.

Upgraded tilt mechanism will allow 90 - 155 degrees of reclining with the ability to lock the recline to an angle to suit your comfort needs.

Adjustable 4D armrests, go left, right, up, down, forwards, backwards, angle left and angle right. Enough movement to allow any user to find the right position.

The upper armrests are topped with soft touch PU, with carbon-fibre imprint patterning.


Raise or lower the seat height effortlessly and stay there with a Class 4 heavy duty gas lift.


This base is unique to the Pro-Spec. The aluminium alloy cast base is light but strong and robust. Colour matched star inset panels highlight the slimline, strong base frame. 

Our Pro-Spec also includes roller-blade smooth glide wheels. Solid, hard rubber construction, these wheel spin with ease and friction seems a matter of the past. These wheels are kind to any hard floor.